Our Global Family Educational Garden

Our Global Family is a garden area that explores and celebrates our cultural diversity on this planet Earth….our world’s food cultures & cuisines, horticultural practices and ecosystems from around the world and family traditions & festivities from the four corners of the globe. It is a place to gather and experience the glorious biodiversity of all the plants and the peoples of the planet.

It is a Community Garden, being built by the community, bringing everyone in the community together!!

Our Global Family garden is utilizing permaculture principles to restore, renew and regenerate the world’s most precious resources…… our children and our food.

The main tenets of permaculture are Care for the Earth, Care for People, and Return the Surplus.

“Permaculture is the art and science of creating community ecosystems in which plants, animals, and people interact to produce a fertile, ecological system that has the means to support itself indefinitely.” – Marisha Auerbach

May 2016 Updates on Our Global Family Project at City Farm

Central Coast Grown – We are an educational program of Central Coast Grown that operates City Farm in SLO http://centralcoastgrown.org/programs/educational-programs/ We are a project of the SLO Permaculture Guild.

Volunteer Days – We are out on the farm on Thursday afternoons from 1 – 4pm. Please come out to see how the garden is coming along and to lend a helping a hand, especially with the weeds. Please bring your own shovel to help dig up the broad leaved weeds and throw them into the compost bin. This way we are using local biology (the weeds) to put carbon and nitrogen and other trace elements back into the soil. We are regenerating the soil out at Our Global Family Farm and creating a demo garden to learn from and to share with those who work the land!!!

Whole Kids Foundation grant – We have received a $1000 grant to cover some infrastructure costs such as irrigation, a canopy for our Epicenter and strawbales for mulching.

Partnerships – Josh Carmichael of Carmichael Environmental has recently joined the Board of Directors of Central Coast Grown and has pledged his support for Our Global Family project. Josh will help with the irrigation installation, hedgerow installation, maintenance projects and even help with a dump run!

Cal Poly Involvement – Sigma Pi fraternity has adopted Our Global Family as their community service project and is helping to install our canopy, remove weeds and other debris.

LOVE SLO Volunteer Day – We had two dozen people help prepare the garden beds and get the cover crops down. Here is a photo album of our volunteer work day as part of LOVE SLO day on March 19th. https://www.flickr.com/photos/124814213@N08/sets/72157666127354186

Glean SLO – We have such an abundance of crops that Glean SLO is harvesting our Swiss chard crop at Our Global Family garden.

Biodynamic Application – Timothy Hollingsworth of Green Gold Naturals applied a “Sustainable Bioenergetics Excelerator Preparation” at the half moon this month. He did this out of the kindness of his own heart. The ‘Excelerator’ is a Rudolph Steiner preparation that supports the systems for the soil, plant, and beneficial organisms’ matrix that helps empower your plants’ micro-ecosystem and macro-ecosystem. ‘Excelerator’ biodynamic applications help your plants’ root get access to the latent nutrients in your soil as well as from the air.

Timothy Hollingsworth applying the Steiner Biodynamic Applications and selling them at Earth Day. Contact Timothy to schedule an application in your garden by calling him at 707-230-8137.

Worm Tea Application – We also had a worm tea application on March 26th by the SLO Worm Farm with Kevin Stitt. Here he is above spraying through a hose from a 250 gallon tank.

Farm Girls Summer Camp: the week of July 11 – 15 Very excited about our first annual summer camp! It is set up for girls aged 8 – 16 years old to discover how to farm sustainably and to also discover a bit about themselves in the process. It is “Girl Power for our Regenerative Food Systems.” The registration fee of $145 includes the camp program from 9am – 12noon for a full week, daily garden snacks, permaculture lessons from Raven Venturelli, garden crafts with Teresa “Tree” Lees, movement, dance, song, skits, hikes and talks, PLUS part of the proceeds go to non-profits, such as Central Coast Grown, Institute for Permaculture Education for Children and also to sponsor a child in the “Because I Am a Girl” campaign from Malala Yousafzai. https://plan-international.org/what-we-do/because-i-am-girl

Registration is now open: http://www.permaculture.us.com/farmgirls

Co-Sponsorship with Institute for Permaculture Education for Children – Very pleased to announce that our summer camp and other future permaculture education programs for children will be co-sponsored by IPEC. The Institute for Permaculture Education for Children (IPEC) facilitates learning opportunities for teachers and mentors focused on healing physical and social learning environments for children and youth through educational permaculture design. http://www.permaculture.us.com/

Donation of Seeds – We have recently received a big donation of seeds from Sue Girard of Botanical Interests for summer and fall crops. We also received a whole bag of seeds from Nell Wade. Thank you!

Plant donations from Phyllis and Bill Davies – The Davies family shared their bumper crop of raspberry vines, fava beans, tree collards and white bean seeds with Our Global Family. The white bean seeds have been passed down through Bill’s side, the Bigelow Family from Washington, to Oregon to California and now Bill shares them here locally for others to carry on the seed bank.

Asian Greens are planted – Teresa Lees planted out all the seedlings of Pak Choy, Bok Choy, Tatsoi, Red Mustard, and Komatsuma Tendergreen Mustard in the Asian section of the garden. These garden basins will be interplanted with green onions, Edamame, cucumber, basil, luffa and eggplant – all of which are Asian summer vegetables.

Deer Protection – Teresa has also installed some deer fence around our grape and berry crops. We could use a deer fence around the perimeter of the garden and are looking for donors for this effort.

We truly are all part of one global family on planet Earth!!!

Contact Teresa “Tree” Lees for more information treelees@charter.net